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Well planned and thought out strategies can prevent wasting time and money.

If your attorney generates long drawn out arguments and makes issues more complex, your runway to results grows distant. Not only that, you watch your time and money going in the wrong direction.

While much depends on the other lawyer’s determination to spend time and money, Attorney Robert Previto strives for strategies that are efficient and effective. He works closely with his clients.

YOUR TIME. Your time is valuable. 

YOUR MONEY.  Money affects your quality of life and provides the freedom to spend your time the way you wish. There’s wisdom in the saying “Time is money.” (A quote from Benjamin Franklin)

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During divorce, emotions often run high. A hands-on attorney, who can bring insight to your issues, can help you deal with your challenges.

It’s vital to understand what clients want and need. It’s also vital to provide them with enough information that they can make the right decisions. Cutting through the complexity and telling it the way it is — straight talk and straight facts — is the approach Attorney Robert Previto takes with divorce and other cases.


Family Law

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Family Dynamics

Families don’t live in a bubble. Their dynamics often change and can be challenging — loved ones get married, have children, create a family business, buy homes and get divorced. Tougher challenges that families face include domestic violence, DWI, criminal charges or settling an estate when a loved one passes away.

After divorce, couples want to change their “no longer relevant” wills, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies and other aspects of estate planning.

Suffice to say, legal issues have a way of popping up in many areas of life.

In addition to assisting clients with divorce, Robert Previto has provided legal representation for orders of protection, guardianships, foster care determinations and placements along with adoption.

Laws exist to solve problems, and attorneys have the job of applying the law to the facts and obtaining results for clients. Generally, when clients are happy with the results, based on that foundation of trust and reliance established with their attorney, they often bring him other legal problems to solve.


Robert Previto

You may have seen Robert Previto on News 12 Long Island where he has made numerous appearances as a social commentator. He is also a published author, quoted extensively regarding custody law in the book The Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Family Therapy and Collaborative Systems Approach to Amelioration written by Linda J. Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW.


An astute attorney can accurately evaluate people and situations. Through effective strategies, legal acumen and tenacity in working the case, a lawyer can often turn the matter to the client’s advantage and achieve the best possible outcome.


Although a lawyer may be astute and articulate, without being client-focused, the outcome of a case may not be what the client needed or wanted. Considerate and compassionate legal guidance combined with an attentive client-attorney relationship can deliver a client-focused result.


Whether in court or through legal briefs, effective arguments are the vehicles that win cases. An articulate attorney employs a mastery of words, and when aligned skillfully with the facts and the law, courts are convinced to rule in the client’s favor.

What Our Clients Say

“Robert Previto was very efficient at his job. He was very thorough but also didn’t waste any time. I was very impressed with his intelligence and ability to come up with effective legal strategies. He made himself available for me to talk to him and did a great job handling my divorce case. I felt like he always listened to me and took my objectives into consideration. And what’s more, he also got the outcome I had hoped for. “



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Astute · Articulate · Client-Focused

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