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When your rights are on the line, experience counts. So do integrity, intelligence and determination.
Lawyers are too expensive, and legal proceedings too risky, to wonder whether your lawyer knows his way around the courtroom — or lacks the chops to go toe-to-toe with your opponent.

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For almost twenty-five years, Robert Previto, Attorney-at-Law, has led clients through the toughest types of cases found in New York: hotly contested custody fights; bitter divorce disputes; avaricious estate proceedings; harrowing criminal cases; and hardnosed business and real estate deals. Tempering aggression with compassion and a mastery of words, Previto’s hands-on approach provides you with the wisdom, insight, and tenacity you need to make the best decisions; form effective legal strategy; and see you through to an end you can appreciate.

Robert Previto Attorney at Law in Long Island, NY

Educational Background

Robert Previto graduated The Hofstra School of Law under its Accelerated Program in 1992. He earned his Masters Degree in Writing at New York University in 1987, finishing in Advanced Standing, and his Bachelors Degree in Drama at New York University in 1984, earning the Founders Day Award for Academic Excellence.



Previto is also a published author extensively quoted as an expert in custody law in The Parental Alienation Syndrome, by Linda J. Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW, Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, 2012, and who has made numerous appearances as a social commentator on News12 Long Island. He has served on the New York State Supreme Court Matrimonial Panel; Family Court Panel; and District Court Misdemeanor Panel, in addition to his other offices and affiliations.


My Philosophy

“My philosophy is simple: ‘Suit the word to the action, and the action to the word.’  People come to lawyers for one reason only: to solve a legal problem. While it’s not always possible to forge a perfect solution, it is always possible to provide effective representation that achieves the best outcome possible under the given circumstances.” — Robert Previto, Esq.

“The key is understanding your clients, their wants, their needs; knowing the law and the facts and applying them to the best advantage. While we are accustomed to television shows where legal matters are wrapped-up in an hour, the reality is far more grueling.

My job is to guide my clients through the process with confidence and compassion, and give them the information, support, and representation they need to triumph over their own particular challenge.” — Robert Previto, Esq.


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