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Divorce and family law are the mainstays of Robert Previto’s legal practice. However, over time the legal needs of his clients expanded, and as this occurred, his practice branched out into other legal areas as well.

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Clients, who value the representation and results obtained during divorce, have often sought legal counsel later on. They often turn to a trusted lawyer they already know for legal help.

For example, after divorce, couples no longer share the same future. If you have wills, trusts or other estate planning set up, the references related to your ex-spouse are no longer relevant. Unless you want your ex inheriting from you, being the executor of your will or acting as durable power of attorney or as your healthcare proxy, you should review and revise your estate planning documents.

During divorce, selling your family home might be an integral part of property division, or it may become necessary at a later time. Knowing that the same attorney can handle the real estate transaction for you is often not just convenient. It can also give you peace of mind.
In addition to divorce and family law, Robert Previto also represents clients in a variety of other practice areas.

Divorce in New York


Divorce legally dissolves a marriage, and in New York, you have two options for divorce grounds: no-fault or fault-based grounds. No-fault grounds for divorce are irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. In other words, there is no chance you will reconcile or repair your marriage. Fault-based grounds for divorce require proving your spouse was at fault for the marriage breakdown. Fault grounds include: cruel and inhuman treatment, abandonment, imprisonment, and adultery. The court can also grant divorce based on a judgment of separation or a separation agreement.

Military Divorce

Divorce in the military differs from civilian divorce in a number of ways. Establishing where you can file the divorce petition is the first step, and it often requires legal help. Because future deployment is often a factor, working out child custody arrangements can be challenging. Pensions and benefits also have special requirements that must be taken into consideration during property division.

High Net-Worth Divorce

In a marriage where net worth is substantial, the reasonable needs for your children often exceed what most parents would consider during divorce. Reasonable needs may include private school tuition, expensive extracurricular activities or camps, the services of a nanny or au pair and college tuition. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are another consideration, and the court must determine the validity of your agreement, and the court’s determination will affect how your property is divided. Property division involving sophisticated finances is typically complex. Valuation of a privately owned business, close review of income tax returns andpossibly retaining a forensic accountant’s services may be necessary. READ MORE

Other Practice Areas

Business Law

When you’re starting a business, forming a business entity is a vital legal step for protecting your interests. It’s worth your time to evaluate the pros and cons of various business entities and determine which type of business best suits your purpose. Which type of business is right for you? Read more.

Criminal Defense

Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can be a harrowing experience, even when the accusation is false. Whether you’re facing a DWI, misdemeanor charge or felony allegations for white collar crime, obtaining a competent lawyer is a must. Don’t show up in court without an experienced lawyer at your side because to a greater or lesser degree, your freedom is at stake. Read more.

Real Estate Law

For many people, real estate is their largest investment, whether a residence or a commercial enterprise. A real estate attorney can help you avoid disputes or represent you in issues regarding zoning, right-of-way, buy-sell transactions and various types of ownership. Read more.


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